Election 2022

From 15.06.2022 until 24.06.2022 you can use your votes to elect 15 student representatives to the Student Council (StuRa). You can also stand as a representative for the StuRa yourself. Find out what, how and why here!

What is elected?

The Student Council.

What is the Student Council?- 15 members

  • Highest, self-governing student body
  • works on a voluntary basis
  • Financed by student fees (11,50 € per semester)
  • Represents the student body towards the university, the city and politics

What does the StuRa do?

  • Representation in university committees (Senate)
  • Advice on problems related to studying
  • Project funding and loan of materials
  • Departments (e.g. Queer Campus, Nightline, alliance “Studierende gegen Rechts”)
  • Own projects

Why is student self-representation important?

  • A say in decisions made by the university administration
  • Have a say in the use of StuRa funds (your contributions)
  • Commitment to the interests of your fellow students

How do I get elected?

You want to get involved yourself and stand for election? First of all, congratulations on making such a good decision!

We have just explained what it means to be elected for a mandate or as a deputy. To stand for election, simply fill in this form – it doesn’t matter how many people are on the list. You can also put your name on the list alone, although lists with more than one candidate usually have a better chance of being elected, and of course you can bring together people with the same or similar interests to give you additional support. But no matter how you do it, the important thing is that three fellow students sign the list, i.e. support your candidacy. Then you have to hand in the form to the electoral office between 16.05.2022 and 25.05.2022 (by 1pm). That’s it!

We would like to give special support to all those who are willing to stand for election with their own list. So please feel free to contact us via the usual communication channels. We are here to help you with more than just advice and support.

How will elections be held?

As has been the case since 2017, there will again be online elections – voting is easy with your university account!

The election portal will not open until 15.06.2022. You will receive the corresponding access link via the “studierende-l – Verteiler” to your OvGU email address. If you still have problems with voting between 15 and 24 June, just have a look here. If it still doesn’t work, please send an email to: wahlamt@ovgu.de.

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