Student Council

By | 28. May 2023

The Student Council represents the student body to governmental and social institutions as well as to the bodies, committees and commissions of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg on a national and international level.

Legislature 2022/2023

#First nameSurnameList (Faculty)
1KatharinaGrafwithout specification (FEIT)
2GabrielRückerOvGUpride (FHW)
3JohannBrednerOLLi – Open Left List Magdeburg (FEIT)
4IvetteBartholomäusOLLi – Open Left List Magdeburg (FHW)
5AleksandraRutkowskaOLLi – Open Left List Magdeburg (FHW)
6Jean-LucAhlgrimmOvGUpride (FMA)
7KonradSchwarzeOLLi – Open Left List Magdeburg (FHW)
8ChristianLuchtfintastisch (FIN)
9ChristianBuhleOLLi – Open Left List Magdeburg (FWW)
10ChristianKliefintastisch (FIN)
11DominikBabetzkyList of WiWis (FWW)
12AlexanderGlattkiRCDS – The Student Center (FHW)
13ThoreWiegersRCDS – The Student Center (FHW)
Members Legislature 2022/23