We are the Student Council of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. We are the highest body of student self-administration. As such, we have the political task and in cooperation with our departments, representatives and faculty councils, to represent the interests and concerns of the students in the university and society and to support them as far as possible in cultural, professional, economic and social matters.

Our goals are to motivate political education, a sense of social responsibility, and the willingness of the student body to be actively tolerant and to stand up for basic and human rights. In doing so, we would like to advocate for active opinion formation among students and equally against discrimination of people based on their origin, sexual orientation, gender and religion. Furthermore, we devote our attention to the cultivation of supra-regional and international student relations. In doing so, we want to support student projects and organizations that pursue similar goals.

Specifically, we have the following tasks, among others:

  • Formation of units for various activities
  • Delegation of students to the commissions of the senate
  • Granting social loans to students
  • Supporting student projects and organizations
  • Taking a position on and influencing developments in university policy
  • Organizing events e.g. seminars
  • Promoting student sports
  • Promoting the integration of foreign students
  • Cultivate supra-regional student relations


The Student Council (StuRa) consists of 15 honorary members who are elected directly by the students each year. The members represent political university groups and electoral lists.

From among themselves, the 15 members elect three spokespersons who coordinate the work of the StuRa:

  • The spokesperson for Internal Affairs liaises with the university administration.
  • The spokesperson for Administrative Affairs coordinates the internal operations of the StuRa.
  • The spokesperson for Public Affairs represents the Student Council to the university as well as the public and is responsible for public relations.
  • The spokesperson for finances manages the financial budget of the StuRa and prepares the budget plan.

In addition to the spokespersons, there are other opportunities for active participation for StuRa members and volunteers. If you are interested, please contact the spokespersons or