FAQ – Semesterticket

The first option is to maintain the current semester ticket. If this option is chosen, nothing will change for the students compared to the current state. The existing contract with MVB remains in place, and the price of the ticket will only be adjusted according to the regular price increases at MVB. An upgrade to the Germany-wide ticket is not possible in this case.

The second option is the introduction of the Germany-wide ticket at a price of 29.40€ per month. If the student body opts for this option, the current contract with MVB will be terminated, and the Germany-wide ticket will take its place. This ticket costs 29.40€ per month, which represents 60% of the regular price of a Germany-wide ticket. This option offers students extended mobility beyond regional borders.

If we opt for the Germany-wide semester ticket, it will become mandatory for all students from the winter semester 2024/25 onwards. With this ticket, we will then have access to the entire public transport network throughout Germany. This means a significant expansion of our mobility, as we can travel not only in our city but throughout the entire country. The current ticket will then be cancelled.

The new Germany-wide semester ticket, just like our current ticket, is based on the principle of solidarity. This means that all of us as students are obliged to purchase this ticket. The amount for the semester ticket, as before, must be paid at the beginning of the semester along with the semester fee.

In view of the rising cost of living, the potential price increase of the semester ticket represents a significant additional financial burden for many of us students. Therefore, it is all the more important that the decision to introduce the Germany-wide semester ticket is made in the most democratic process possible by us, the student body.

If we opt for the Germany-wide semester ticket, it means that the current contract will be cancelled. At the moment, however, we cannot yet predict exactly how the prices for the Germany-wide ticket will develop. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out significant price increases in the future. It is also worth considering that the current semester ticket will still be significantly cheaper than the Germany-wide ticket in the winter semester 2024/25, but this too will become increasingly expensive.

Ultimately, we as a student body must bear the decision and the resulting financial consequences together. Therefore, it is crucial that as many of us as possible participate in this decision.

Currently, no exact price forecast can be made for the Germany-wide semester ticket. However, the price is expected to be 60% of the regular Germany-wide ticket. So, if we base it on the current price of the regular Germany-wide ticket of 49€, the Germany-wide semester ticket would be 29.40€. If the price of the regular Germany-wide ticket increases in the future, the price of our semester ticket will also increase accordingly.

If you often travel outside of Magdeburg and want to use public transport in other cities, the Germany-wide semester ticket is a good choice for you. For students who mainly move within Magdeburg, our current semester ticket might be sufficient. Keep in mind that travel on long-distance trains like ICE or IC is not included in the semester ticket and you will have to purchase these tickets at regular prices yourself. Ultimately, the decision for or against the Germany-wide semester ticket depends on your personal needs and habits – a decision that each student must make for themselves.

Unfortunately, there is no upgrade option available. If we stick with the current semester ticket, anyone who wants to use the Germany-wide ticket would need to purchase it additionally and separately at their own expense. The discounted version of the Germany-wide ticket is only available when it is financed collectively by the entire student body under the solidarity model.

Using the Deutschlandticket via the DOtick app is risky. Some people may have bought the NRW-Upgrade with their OVGU-Immatrikulationsbescheinigung, but the risk is very high to pay high fees for using public transportation without a valid ticket, because this upgrade is not valid for the OVGU and therefore is not a valid ticket.

In addition, all upgrade options will be discontinued for the winter semester, so this ticket will no longer be available through this app.

Beginning the following semester after the price change is made

The app will be provided by a regional transport company. Whether it will be the MVB, the MaRego or the DB is not yet clear. That depends on the contract.

If only the minimum quorum of 10% is reached, this also means that 90% of the students have not exercised their democratic mandate. We understand the concerns about the representativeness of a 10% turnout. Our decision was based in part on historical voter turnout in previous elections and the goal of setting a realistic and achievable quorum.

In addition, conducting elections is expensive, which was also an important consideration in our decision, as we do not want to spend student money lightly.

Should this lead to problems, the StuRa strives to create structures to solve these problems.

We must inform the Studentenwerk in time so that it can cancel the current semester ticket for the winter semester 2024/25, depending on the outcome of the referendum.

The ticket is valid for at least two years. After that, it depends on the government whether it will be continued.

We would then conduct a new survey during the next elections. However, we do not know when we will be able to change the semester ticket because we have to keep the cancellation period of the old ticket.