Project funding

You have a great project idea and still need financial help to implement it? Then we would be happy to support you and your project.

How do I submit an application?

  • Download application A7 here
  • Read the form M7
  • Fill in the application
  • Bring it to our office or send it by e-mail to
  • Submit 7 days before the next meeting

And then?

  • You receive an invitation to the meeting
  • You present your idea at the meeting and we ask you a few questions.
  • The student council votes together on the funding

What you should pay attention to:

  • Funding guidelines
  • Form M7 above
  • Commitment (At the end of M7)

Funding guidelines:

The Student Council determines the eligibility of projects and events according to its statutory tasks. This means that the event or project should represent or bring added value for the student body. Furthermore, this added value should mainly benefit the students. Only those who participate financially in the student body through their membership should benefit from its funds. Economical management of the student body’s funds is a fundamental requirement. Furthermore, financial support from the student council should always be regarded as loss support. If pre-financing is necessary, this is to be treated as an interest-free loan until settlement with the spokesperson for finances, which is due four weeks after the end of the project or event. At the time of settlement, it must be established what proportion of the loss support was required, and the balance must be repaid to the Student Council within four weeks. Personal enrichment of the organiser from student body funds is not acceptable in the view of the Student Council. For projects with annual funding, the end of the financial year is to be considered the end of the event.