The elections for the student council, the Fachschaft councils and the student representatives in the senate and the faculty councils take place annually at the end of May. All students enrolled at Otto-von-Guericke University can stand for election. By voting, you give your votes to those fellow students who you think can most effectively represent and enforce the interests of the students. As with many other elections, there are groups available to articulate and implement the various interests, political attitudes, and desires on the committees.

Representatives for the committees are elected by personalized proportional representation. The candidates are organized in groups, so-called lists. Depending on the number of votes, the groups then receive a certain number of seats, which are theoretically filled by the candidates with the most votes. If there is only one list for a committee (common in some Fachschaft councils), the representatives are elected directly.

If you are interested in the committee work or just want to visit a university group, you can find contact persons here.

List Homepage E-Mail
Juso Hochschulgruppe www.juso-hsg-magdeburg.de
RCDS Magdeburg www.rcds-magdeburg.de
human agents www.human-agents.de human.agents@gmx.de
Liste der Ingenieure facebook.com/ListeIng liste.ingenieure@gmail.com
Liste der WiWis  facebook.com/listederwiwis listederwiwis@ovgu.de
Offene Linke Liste facebook.com/olli.magdeburg
Grüne Hochschulgruppe www.ghg-md.de
Liberale Hochschulgruppe www.lhg-magdeburg.de kontakt@lhg-magdeburg.de

Should we have forgotten a university group or list, should contact persons or similar change, or should the list/HSG simply no longer exist, then we would appreciate if you could inform us.