Information about the Seester-Ticket

By | 6. March 2024

Dear students,

As you probably already know, in january the German government decided to adjust the existing Germany Ticket and to offer students a Semesterticket for the whole of Germany. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to take advantage of this offer from the winter semester 2024/25 or whether you want to keep the existing Semesterticket. 

The Semesterticket is a full solidarity ticket. It is therefore very important that you participate in the decision making process and make use of your vote.

There are two options to choose from:

The existing semester ticket with the MVBTicket for the whole of Germany
It costs about €9 per month or €53,70 per semester.It costs €29,40 per month or €176,40 per semester.
It is valid for public transportation in Magdeburg, meaning you can use MVB trams and buses.It is valid within the area covered by the Deutschlandticket. You can use all public transport buses and trains throughout Germany.
It is included in your student ID card.It can only be used through an application.
It cannot be cancelled monthly and is valid for an entire semester.It cannot be cancelled monthly and is valid for an entire semester.
It is still possible that the costs will increase due to price adjustments. Unfortunately, we do not know anything more about this at the moment.The price is stable until the end of the winter semester 2024/25. After that, there may be price adjustments as the ticket is based on the regular Deutschlandticket price and costs 60% of the regular price.

The Studentenwerk Magdeburg negotiates the semester ticket with the regional transportation partners. It is either valid for everyone or for nobody. In order to be able to finish the process in time for the winter semester 2024/25, the Studentenwerk needs your feedback on which semester ticket you would like to choose.

From tomorrow, March 7th at 9am, until March 13th at 8pm, you will have the opportunity to vote on these two options. In addition to these two options, you will also be able to mark the ballot as invalid. The voting process is the same as for the summer committee elections. To do so, log in to the LSF portal of our university with your usual access data and click on the tab „Online-Wahlen“. Then go to the menu item „Zugang zum Wahlportal“ and click on „Hier geht es zur Stimmabgabe“. When the cross is in the right place, click on „Wahl überprüfen“ and confirm.

As soon as at least 10% of the student body will have participated in the election, the result will be seen as valid and forwarded to the Studentenwerk.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via email at, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and during our office hours. (Building 26, next to the validation station) You can also find information on frequently asked questions in our FAQ section on the website.

You can also watch a video of the February 21 information event. It can be found here:

Due to enquiries, especially from international students, we would like to point out once more that upgrades to the Deutschlandticket, which can be purchased for €12.33 using OVGU enrollment certificates via certain apps, are invalid.

Why is this? These tickets are purchased due to a system error, which means that traveling with such a ticket is an equivalent to traveling without a valid ticket, as the €12.33 represents the difference between the NRW Semesterticket and the Deutschlandticket. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase a valid ticket to avoid high fees.

As of the winter semester 24/25, upgrades will no longer be possible anyway.

If the Deutschlandticket is purchased through the solidarity model, it will be the cheapest option for traveling throughout Germany at the current price of €29.40.

Yours sincerely

Dominik Babetzky

Speaker for Public Affairs